Saturday, August 6, 2011

The World Behind Wyeth’s Christina’s World

Bought by the MoMA in 1948, the same year it was painted, Andrew Wyeth’s Christina’s World entered the American art pantheon seemingly once it was dry. For more than half a century, viewers have been captivated by the mysterious scene of a young woman crawling across a field towards a house on top of a hill. In Andrew Wyeth, Christina's World, and the Olson House, an exhibition at The Farnsworth Art Museum through October 30, 2011, some of the mystery behind the masterpiece is finally solved. This collection of 45 works, including Wyeth’s first ever sketched idea for Christina’s World, allows us to see the world behind Wyeth’s World and connect even more deeply with the man and his art. Please come over to Picture This at Big Think to read more of "The World Behind Wyeth’s Christina’s World."

[Image: Author’s own photo from the January 31, 2009 memorial for Andrew Wyeth at the Brandywine River Museum. No images from this exhibition were made available to the online-only press, unfortunately, but you can see some of the works from the exhibition here.]

[Many thanks to Rizzoli for providing me with a review copy of Andrew Wyeth, Christina's World, and the Olson House by Michael K. Komanecky and Otoyo Nakamura, the catalog to the The Farnsworth Art Museum’s exhibition of the same name, which runs through October 30, 2011.]

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