Wednesday, October 8, 2008

We Have Ways of Making You Talk

The kind people at Abbeville Press, sponsors of the recent Courbet giveaway, asked me to do an interview for their blog that they posted online today. Unlike Auric Goldfinger with James Bond (above), Abbeville didn’t have to resort to laser technology to get me to talk. (Actually, weaponry might be necessary to get me to shut up.) Please visit their blog to enjoy their quick wit and stylish insights and then peruse their fine line of art books. You might want to check out their upcoming The Loggia of Raphael, soon to be reviewed here and the next book giveaway at Art Blog By Bob thanks to Abbeville Press.


Anonymous said...

I enjoyed the interview, but I do have a quibble with one point: there's not nearly as much coverage of Eastern art as there is of Western. I'd love to see more about Asian artists here, so as to start filling that gap of my own.

Bob said...

Hi, Steve,

I agree, I haven't been doing as much on non-Western art, either. I have a review in the que of an exhibtion of Chinese Buddhist sculpture as well as reviews of a book on Chinese narrative scrolls, two books of traditional Japanese designs, and a book of contemporary advertising characters from Japan, so actually there's going to be a bunch of Chinese/Japanese stuff coming your way.

Thanks, as always, for reading and commenting.


Gianluca said...

Hi Bob, I think your blog is quiet amazing. Maybe mine is of your interest to. All the best, Gianluca.

gbarn said...

Hi Bob,

Enjoy your Blog.

Question, Do you know who the artist that painted the picture at this location:

I like the picture but never knew who the artist was.

Any info would be appreciated.


Mom said...

Very gratifying and informative, Bob. Thank you for the sense of responsible material you put up!
Question please, do you know by chance about an artist from OC, CA, by name of Lee Hooper? I have painting by him and would like to know "value?" Thank you

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

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