Thursday, July 3, 2008

The Most Arrogant Contest in Blogging

Money for nothing, Courbet’s chicks for free…

--From “
Money for Nothing” by Dire Straits (sort of)

“I am the most arrogant man in France,” Gustave Courbet once bragged, doing his best to live up to that reputation through the boldness of his art and personality. Thanks to the generosity of the awesome people at Abbeville Press, Art Blog By Bob hosts the first Art Contest By Bob in which a copy of Ségolène Le Men’s Courbet will be given to one lucky reader. (See my review of Courbet HERE.) Are you arrogant enough to think you deserve a free copy of this lushly illustrated, beautifully written, coffee-table book retailing at $135 USD? Or will you dreamily let this opportunity slip by, like Courbet’s sister Zélie strumming her guitar in Girl Dreaming (above, from 1848)?

“What do I have to do to win?,” you may ask, palms already sweating with anticipation. It’s this easy:

(1) Go to the Abbeville Press web page for Courbet.

(2) In honor of my recent audition with Jeopardy!, provide the question to the following answer by searching the Courbet page:

Ségolène Le Men, the author of Abbeville PressCourbet, attended this superior institution of higher learning in France.

Please note that your answer MUST be in the form of a question. Alex Trebek expects nothing less.

(3) E-mail me at with your question by 12:00 PM EDT Friday, July 11th. All correct entries will be placed into an actual hat (probably my beloved Philadelphia Phillies cap) and Alex will pull out the lucky winner. The winner will be announced on Monday, July 14th, Bastille Day, of course. Vive la France!

Don’t miss this opportunity to score one of the truly encyclopedic collections of the art of Courbet! And while you’re strolling around the Abbeville Press site, check out The Abbeville Manual of Style blog by Abbeville’s Arbiters of Style, the best art publisher blog in the business.

[Many thanks to Abbeville Press for sponsoring this amazing giveaway.]

Faux Legalese:

(1) Please, only one entry per e-mail address.
(2) All employees of Art Blog By Bob and their families are ineligible for this prize. Sorry, Mom. Alex, you’ll have to wait until you’re strong enough to lift Daddy’s copy.
(3) Any disputes regarding the outcome of this contest must be submitted to the official contest judge, Alex. He’s two. Ever try arguing with a two year old? If you have any success, please let us know your secret.

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