Monday, July 14, 2008

And the Winner is...

The Hat.

The Entries.

The Judge (on his way home later that day from the Phillies-Diamondbacks game).

The Moment of Truth.

And the winner of the first Art Contest By Bob and recipient of a copy of Ségolène Le Men’s Courbet published by Abbeville Press is (drumroll, please):

Andy E.

Thank you to everyone who played and joined in the "arrogant" fun of "The Most Arrogant Contest in Blogging." Thanks to Alex for playing judge and jury. Thanks to Christine, Queen of the Twitterverse, at PurpleCar and to Ed "Philly Poe Guy" Pettit for helping spread the word. And thanks, again, to Austin and the rest of the great people at Abbeville Press for making this contest possible and for putting out such beautiful art books for everyone to enjoy.

I hope everyone had fun and wish you all good luck in the NEXT Art Contest By Bob. Keep checking back here for more contests and more art.

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