Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Was Vincent Van Gogh Murdered?

Every art lover knows the story. Sad, mad Vincent Van Gogh went into the wheat fields of Auvers-sur-Oise on the morning of July 27, 1890 to paint Wheatfield with Crows, his visual suicide note to posterity, before shooting himself in the chest. Using his amazing willpower, the wounded Vincent dragged himself almost a mile back to his room at the Auberge Ravoux, where he died two days later, his beloved brother Theo at his bedside. Can’t you just picture Kirk Douglas in Lust for Life? Can’t you almost hear Don McLean singing “Starry, Starry Night”? If Steven Naifeh and Gregory White Smith, authors of a startling new biography of Van Gogh, are correct, everything we know about the end of Van Gogh is wrong. Could Vincent Van Gogh, the most famous martyr to art in history, actually have been murdered? Please come over to Picture This at Big Think to read more of "Was Vincent Van Gogh Murdered?"

[Image: Vincent Van Gogh. Wheatfield with Crows, 1890.]

[Many thanks to friend Dave for passing on the link to this story.]


Hels said...

Murdered? I don't think so. At the very worst, if the new research is to be believed, a teenage boy misfired his gun and accidentally hit the artist who was painting in the fields.

van Gogh, according to this version, knew it was a terrible accident and did not give the 14 year old boy's name to the police during his last days, clinging onto life.

Fred Spratt said...

farmers often go shooting in feilds, before harvesting, as the crops provide exelant cover for rabbits and hares ect.

there will always be theories such as this upon every greats death, Van Gogh, Kurt Cobain, Maralyn Monroe, Hendrix the list could go on and on. not saying they couldnt be true though... but we will never know...

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