Thursday, May 1, 2008

All About Me

For April, to commemorate Alex’s birthday at the end of the month, I asked, “Who is your favorite painter of children?” You responded.

Mary Cassatt came from behind to win with 18 votes. John Singer Sargent and Diego Velázquez shared second place with 13 votes each. Little-known Antonio Mancini came in an impressive fourth with 9 votes. Winslow Homer's 4 votes, Thomas Lawrence's 3 votes, and Thomas Gainsborough's lonely single vote made up the rest of the pack.

For May, in honor of my own birthday near the beginning of the month, I’ve decided to make this all about me and my blog. Actually, it’s about you and what you think of me and my blog. Above, William Blake’s Ancient of Days takes the measure of the universe. I just want to get a sense of my little corner of the blogosphere. In the first double poll in Art Poll By Bob history, I’m asking two questions: “What are your favorite parts of Art Blog By Bob (you may vote for more than one)?” AND ““What are your least favorite parts of Art Blog By Bob (you may vote for more than one, but why would you)?” And the nominees are:

Profile pieces commemorating an artist’s birthday

Book reviews of art books and exhibition catalogues

Reviews of art exhibits

Personal reflections on art and art history

Literary musings related to art (Melville-related and not)

Adorable pictures of Alex

Frothing liberal rants (based entirely on undisputable fact!)

Bizarre tangents into pop culture (usually involving movies, comics, or both)

Feel free to vote for as many items that you feel strongly positive or negative about. I’d like to know what people have found stimulating or snooze-inducing. As always, comments are more than welcome. But, please, be gentle. It’s my birthday. Be kind to your elders.

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