Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Post-Game Show

Judge. Jury. Executioner.

Well, I'm one step closer to meeting Alex Trebek (above) face to face. Just by passing the online test, I became eligible to be called to appear on Jeopardy! sometime in the next 18 months. The best way to increase your chances, we were told, were to be personable and play the game right (i.e., keep smiling!). I did pretty well on the 50-question test (one art question?!?), nailed a couple toughies in the mock game with the buzzers (both of which drew some "oohs" from the room), and came off as charming and entertaining in the interview (if I do say so myself). Sorry that I can't be too specific about questions and answers, but we're sworn to secrecy as those same questions get used in later auditions. Although my brain actually hurt after concentrating so hard for two and a half hours, it was a lot of fun and Annie and I are still really excited over my perhaps getting on the TV and, perhaps, winning some moolah with my vast mental collection of useless facts. I'm going to try to lay off obscure facts for a least a couple of days, after overloading for the last couple of weeks. Did you know that Woodrow Wilson is on the $100,000 bill? Or that James Garfield was our only ambidexterous president? Well, I do, and no sane person really should.

Thanks to everyone who commented below with good vibrations and suggestions on how to cram even more knowledge into my cranium. If I ever get the call to California, I'll be sure to let you all know.

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