Wednesday, May 28, 2008

What Is Jeopardy!?

The fates have smiled upon me and I’ve been invited to trek up to New York City today to audition for my favorite game show—Jeopardy! I found out a few weeks ago that my score from the online test was good enough to get me into the next round, where I’ll be answering another round of fifty questions, playing a mock game, and interviewing with the casting crew. If I do well enough, I plunge into the great pool of contestants from whom they’ll pick for the next 18 months. If I get picked from that pool, I then swim in a smaller pool that goes to Los Angeles to appear on the show, but there’s no guarantee of getting on camera even then. If I can get through all that, you may finally see stand before the all-powerful Alex Trebek and say “Well, Alex, you see, I write this blog…” The toughest part of the audition round, aside from trying to drum up five interesting anecdotes about myself, has been schooling myself on geography, my weakest subject. For the last few weeks, I’ve had my nose in an atlas and almanac, hoping to cram in enough worldliness to give me more of a fighting chance than just blindly guessing “What is Kuala Lumpur?” Wish me luck and pray for lots of arts and literature questions.


Sally Big Woods said...

Good Luck Bob!!!

What always helped me w/Geography was empty maps that I had to fill in country/river/capitol names. You have a great visual memory... so that might work to your advantage.

Hrag said...

All I know is that if there is an art category you're all set!

Bob said...

Thanks, Sara.

I already have a set of blank maps I printed off of the net, plus one of those national geography bee prep books for kids that contains a bunch of blank maps.

I feel like I've been sent to remedial geography school.


Anonymous said...

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