Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Anger Management: Fighting the Crowds at Blockbuster Art Shows

Great art can sometimes be like a magnet—attracting hordes of admirers. The Gauguin: Maker of Myth exhibition that recently closed at the Tate Modern in London, England, drew more than its fair share of fans. According to some patrons, it was far more than a fair share, as complaints that the crowds took away from their enjoyment of the show mount. Is it fair that some people seem to “hog” the art and deny others the lingering look they desire? Or is such box office success the price to pay to see great art in great quantities brought to your locale? How can the anger such blockbuster shows generate be managed? Please come over to Picture This at Big Think to read more of "Anger Management."


David @ Quillcards said...

I was there on Friday January 7th, and I did feel a bit pressed by the number of people, but not so that I felt I missed the show.

I remember the painting of Gauguin and his wife - a view looking into a room where I think she was at a piano - face half obscured - he seen from the back - and I thought that he must have hated his life before he left for Tahiti.

I learned that when he got to Tahiti he found the people converted to Christianity and not at all what he had hoped to find.

I enjoyed being educated at the exhibition - it was very well curated.

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