Thursday, April 26, 2007

Cheapskate Unbound

My inner cheapskate, compulsive book nerd, and fanatical art lover have joined hands and are now dancing in a ring inside of me after my lunchtime acquisition of a pristine new copy of William E. Wallace's Michelangelo: The Complete Sculpture, Painting, Archetecture at the low, low price of $20 USD! Unlike Michelangelo's Unfinished Bound Slave (above), my inner cheapskate, ringleader of my internal celebration, has come unbound (and perhaps unhinged) after plucking this gem retailing for $95 USD from the remainder rack. My long search for an affordable, comprehensive book on Michelangelo with quality reproductions is over. After flipping through the book in my office and marveling at the crisp reproductions and stunningly detailed closeups, I'm still amazed at my luck. Now all I have to do is lug this monstrosity home. Ah, but that's a labor of love...
(BTW, the Unfinished Bound Slave above is one of the unfinished sculptures at the Galleria dell'Accademia, in Florence, Italy, lining the hallway leading up to the statue of David. If you're ever in Florence and get to visit the Accademia, don't rush up to the buff, naked guy and miss these fascinating glimpses of Michelangelo caught in the act.)

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