Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Romantic Realism

The PAFA exhibit on Daniel Garber just closed this past weekend. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to get to it, but it seemed fitting to mention him on his birthday, which was today in 1880.

Garber represents the finest of the American Impressionist school, along with Theodore Robinson and John Twachtman. (Garber’s painting Vineclad Trees is above.) Garber brought impressionist technique to an American landscape, often the Bucks County, Pennsylvania, landscape, along with the classical, figurative training he received at the PAFA.

His scenes of domestic life (available in the slide show for the PAFA exhibit) serve as a pendant to the domestic scenes of Mary Cassatt, another American Impressionist, but one linked more with France than with her native America. Their contrasting approaches to children make for an interesting study in how gender may (or may not) influence an artist. Cassatt’s intimate scenes of mothers and children place the viewer inside the nurturing relationship, whereas Garber often views his children alone and from a distance, perhaps reflecting a more fatherly, paternalistic, protective vision.

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