Thursday, November 27, 2008

A Time to Give Thanks

A Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! (Norman Rockwell’s Freedom From Want [above, from 1943], part of the Four Freedoms series, provides the appropriate visual.)

I personally want to give thanks first and foremost for the person who keeps me sane on a daily basis within the cocoon of her love—the beautiful, the intelligent, the laugh-out-loud funny, the ever-patient Annie. Second, I want to thank Alex for being the most magical child in the world and allowing me to relive all the wonders of childhood again. Without my family, I am nothing and could accomplish nothing.

I give thanks, too, for my extended family and friends, too numerous and humble to be named here.

I give thanks for the Obama victory and the Phillies’ World Series Championship. I underestimated how much God loves me until he dropped those two great moments in quick succession. (God, if you’re still listening, a guilt-wracked Dick Cheney’s confession implicating the rest of the Bush mis-Administration would make a nice Christmas gift. No wrapping involved.)

Lastly, but not leastly, I give thanks to all the people who drop in here and peruse my ramblings. I’d still do it if I was the only one listening (it is cheaper than therapy), but knowing that I’m not just typing into the internet void makes it even more gratifying.

Feel free to include your thanks in comments. Share the love until new posts and a new poll arrive on Monday, December 1st.


Novalis said...

Thanks for this blog--clearly you put a lot of time and thought into it, and it shows. I like your inclusion of "low" (e.g. comic) art from time to time as well. I particularly enjoyed the Blake yesterday. Keep going!

Anonymous said...

Indeed, thank you very much for an immensely enjoyable blog. You have a wonderfully sincere and exploratory style. It's been a pleasure to journey along.

sawnjuh said...

Hi Bob, thanks for all the thanks. I wanted to write and say thank your for blogging about art history! I am currently pursuing my teaching credential to teach high school art. I will be taking the official, are you qualified to teach art, exam in January and am trying to brush up on my knowledge. This is helping! So, thanks!

Bob said...

Hi, Everyone,

Sorry if my inducement to "give thanks in comments" may have sounded like me fishing for compliments. But I'm greatly flattered and humbled by your remarks of appreciation.

Good luck, Sonya, on getting your credentials. I'm not sure if my blog qualifies as test prep, but if it helps any, that's great. Teachers are the unsung heroes of civilization, so my thanks goes out to you, too.