Monday, June 30, 2008

The Contest

No, not THAT "Contest."

Coming to Art Blog By Bob this Thursday, July 3rd, will be the first Art Contest By Bob in which a copy of Ségolène Le Men’s Courbet (a $135 book) published by Abbeville Press will be given to one lucky reader. Tune in this Thursday for details on how to enter as well as for a review of the book itself.

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Andrei Pavel said...

i want to find out something for a friend.. do you know any painting at the Louvre representing a room, the woman is dead on the bed, the man is on the edge of the ben with a child at his feet, holdin the right foot

do you know the artist or the title of the painting?

she's not sure but it's possible that the painting is somwhere close to the flemish paintings cause she remembered a painting by Rubens in that area