Friday, May 11, 2007

No Greater Love

Sunday, May 13th, is Mother’s Day, so here are my best wishes to my beautiful and talented wife, Alex’s Mommy, Alex’s grandmothers, Alex’s godmother, and all the other mothers, grandmothers, and godmothers out there. The bond between a child and his or her mother exemplifies the best aspects of the human spirit: compassion, sharing, and, most of all, unconditional love.

Mary Cassatt depicted the intimacy of this maternal bond better than anyone else. Her tender The Bath appears above and her Mother and Child appears below. Cassatt herself never had children, but she doted on her nieces and nephews. The love she felt for these children comes through loud and clear in her paintings. Perhaps a little envy of their mothers, too.

Cassatt captures the loving interplay between children and mothers in a way that transcends both time and culture, speaking to everyone who has been a mother or felt a mother’s love. In a perfect world, that would be everyone.

Happy Mother’s Day!

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