Friday, August 10, 2007

Clash of the Titans

This is the last post until August 15th. Annie and I will be introducing two great forces of nature to one another—Alex and the Atlantic Ocean—for a few days. Who will win? My money’s on Alex. Alex has been practicing his cannonballs in his inflatable pool and perfecting his splashing technique at his water table (above). In his best Schwarzenegger impression, Alex is saying, “Ocean, I’m coming for YOU!”

I hope everyone out there has had a fun and relaxing Summer (if that’s the season in your part of the world now) and taken the opportunity to get out and enjoy some sun, sea, sand, or whatever natural wonders float your boat. As a belated Father’s Day gift, Annie and Alex took me to a Phillies baseball game on July 14th. We were hoping to see the Phillies lose for a historic 10,000th time in their history, but, sadly, they won and made history the following day. To memorialize the day for Alex, we three posed for a caricature (below) at the ballpark.

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Happy Summer!

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