Thursday, August 30, 2007

Post-It Post reports today on the bizarre Post-It art of 19-year-old student David Alvarez, who created a giant portrait of music legend Ray Charles using over 2,000 3 x 3 inch Post-It notes. (I only have half that many on my computer monitor at work.)

Alvarez, an aspiring art teacher, started out working on a picture of Charles on a computer and translated his mosaic idea to office supplies. After spending way too much time replacing the notes that fell as their stickiness wore off, Alvarez finally used glue to keep his pieces in place.

Alvarez may have a bright future in art education if he can inspire his students to take such commonplace items and see the potential for creativity in them. Maybe he can get Staples to sponsor his next exhibit.

[Many thanks to the lovely and talented Annie, my wife, for passing on this story.]

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