Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Pure as the Driven Snow

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To verify my self-proclaimed status of Art Blog By Bob as a family-friendly blog, I checked out a site that rates your blog from Disney-esque G to cover-your-eyes NC-17. (Site found via the always entertaining Ed Pettit’s Bibliothecary Blog, who received an undoubtedly justified R rating. ) Art Blog By Bob garnered the coveted (or kiss of death, depending on how you see it) rating of G.

Of course, this just proves that the rating system was based solely on text searches for certain naughty words. If the searches could “see” the content of some of my images, I think I would have hit R or maybe NC-17 for “nudity, strong sexual content, and Egon Schiele.”

[BTW, if you’re interested in a fascinating glimpse into the sexually puritanical yet firearms-friendly system of film ratings we have here in the United States, check out the documentary This Film Is Not Yet Rated.]

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